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Panel decoder

Decoder for control panels.
Panel decoderPanel decoder

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A new version of the board is released in June 2023. This board can now be powered via the LocoNet cable.
The USB connector that was there before has been removed.
The board has a screw terminal where 5 volts can be supplied as an alternative to LocoNet supply.
This new board is black and the previous version was green.

Decoder to build control panels for controlling the model railway.

The control panel controls other items on the railway through LocoNet.

One decoder can handle 16 buttons for example, changing turnouts, signals, set train routes etc.

To indicate the state of items LEDs are used. Up to 64 LEDs can be used. For the connection of LEDs, driver cards LED3 and LED12 are used.

LEDs can display the state of turnouts, occupied tracks, signals, etc.

Very easy to install and set up.

A button is connected to the input and with an app on your mobile phone, the button is configured to what should happen when it is pressed - for example, "turnout 55 in thrown position".

A LED is configured with what events that will make it lit - eg "lit when turnout 55 is in thrown position".

Handles train routes, i.e. one change order will set a group of turnouts in the correct position to provide a way for example from incoming track to the platform 1.
8 different routes with 6 turnouts per route can be set.
A route has its own address and a LED can be to show if a route is correctly set.

Handles button combinations, where the two buttons together can be used to set e.g. a route.

Direction dependent track status can be defined. This means a "sensor" that reports a train on the track coming only from a given direction.

For configuration of the panel, a Bluetooth card and the app (in the current situation Android) is used.

Two alternative ways to power the decoder. There are two jumpers on the card that are used to select the power supply.
1. Screw terminal is available for external connection of 5 volts DC. If external power is used, the jumpers must be removed.
2. The decoder can be powered through the LocoNet cable, if it has sufficient capacity. When supplying power from LocoNet, the jumpers must be in place.
To use power supply from LocoNet it is recommended to use the MGP Electricity distribution card.

Link to the Instruction Panel decoder