Electronics for Modules

The system developed by Module Enthusiasts for Module Enthusiasts!

MGP offers solutions for powerful control of modules, such as control of switches, signals, occupancy detection, control panels etc.

All parts of the system work together to create a powerful control system without the need for computers.

The system uses LocoNet for signalling between devices, which makes the system open and standardized. All events on the layout are announced over LocoNet for other devices to use and react on as needed.

The system is easily configured through a Smartphone or Tablet, with all definitions in plain text - no need for manipulation of cryptic binary values!

Control of switches

Control switches with servo motors or with traditional switch motors (solenoid or motor based).
Use the Servo Switch decoder or the Switch decoder for Traditional Switch Motors.

Both types of switch decoders has a lot of features, including:

  • controls 5 switches
  • controlled by local buttons as well as over LocoNet from control-panels
  • feedback from switches so that panels, signals etc. can know the state of the switch
  • can be used to send feedback from track occupancy detection
  • direction dependant occupancy detection, e.g. use the direction of the train to trigger features
  • support for routes, set the way through a station with one command
  • locking of switches, e.g. with physical keys or distant from control panels
  • etc.

Control panel

Panel decoder for building control panels for the module. Use one panel decoder for the small panel and any required number for larger panels.

The panel uses buttons to control the layout and LEDs to indicate the state of the layout. One panel decoder can handle up to 16 buttons and 64 LEDs.

Route support and routes can be used with one button, two button, and even direction dependent two button control.

Signal control

Signal decoder that manages up to 10 signals with a total of up to 64 LEDs.

Easy to use:

  • Connect the signal to the decoder, tell the decoder what type of signal it is - now you can start to use the signal.
  • If the signal can show the state of the next signal - then add the address of next signal to the signals definition - now the signal works with pre signalling.
  • Add addresses to switches to make the signal automatically change between "go for full speed" to "restricted speed" etc.
  • Rules can be defined to control when the signal is allowed to show "GO".
  • Triggers can be defined to automatically change the state of the signal, e.g. go to stop when a train passes the signal.
  • etc.

With all the possible definitions around the signal it is easy to create a signal system that acts like the real thing and with a level of automation that is desired.

The signal decoder also has 16 inputs that can be used for track occupancy feedback etc.

Signal decoders is available for Swedish, Danish or German signals, and more to come.

and more

Decoder for turntable or travers, controlles turntables and traverses driven by a step motor. Build your own turntable or modify en existing to use with a stepper motor.

Bluetooth interface to use LocoNet with a smartphone or computer.

Other utilities like Occupancy detection, LocoNet termination, RSCLD etc.